Taoist Meditation

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What is Taoist Meditation?

If you’re keen to find a way to meditate that does not involve conversations with your mind, Taoist Meditation could be what you’re looking for. This meditation does not seek to resolve your issues. It is not an opportunity to puzzle over any problems or strange reactions, or question those subtle nuances that may have disturbed your peace at some time recently or in the distant past – nor does it insist that you try to ignore these issues…

It is a refreshing practice that gives you the chance to open and clear your mind

Why learn Taoist Meditation?

As with Tai Chi and Qigong, Taoist Meditation works in the present, draws your attention to what is happening now, in this moment, in your body and in your mind. The sessions use seated Qigong to relax muscles and open your joints. The main meditation sequence guides you to watch and feel qi (energy) flowing gently through your body along the pathway known as the Small Water Wheel. The session finishes with a tapping (or patting) sequence to wake your body up externally, after being still for that time.

Bring along a cushion and mat (or you can use a chair if preferred). The room is heated but perhaps also bring an extra rug if you feel the cold.

I was delighted to find Su Rule’s Qigong class in Belgrave. I had enjoyed some Tai Chi training in the past but never found the time or inspiration to commit to a long form and was more interested in Qigong for its direct health benefits. Unable to attend classes for several months, I have been able to continue the Qigong practice at home. I believe it has helped me to remain spiritually centred with good energy and physical flexibility. Su is a wonderfully warm and relaxed person who nevertheless is obviously teaching Qigong and Tai Chi to a high level of professional practice.

Penny Wagstaff

Qigong outside with Su is simply great! The classes are nurturing and taught with experience and detail. I also enjoy the cuppa and socialising afterwards.

Natja Wunsch

A great way to learn Tai Chi and Qigong. Friendly supportive classes for all ages and skill levels. Really glad to be a part of this school. Lots of options and never boring.

Anne Rule (no relation)