Tai Chi

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What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a non-contact, low impact martial art which can be practised by people of any age. It is an ancient practice combining slow, deliberate movement with meditation and breathing exercises. Tai Chi provides effective exercise for your body and mind; building up your energy (qi or chi) and improving how it flows through your body.

Tai Chi is a challenge to learn but the gentle movements hide enormous benefits which you will discover for yourself when you begin to practice. Listen to your body, quiet your mind and follow the flow. As a moving meditation, Tai Chi, and its partnering art of Qigong, work to coordinate the well-being of your mind, body and soul. 

Why learn Tai Chi?

People are drawn to Tai Chi for many reasons. Curiosity is often the spark after seeing others quietly practising in a park somewhere. More frequently these days, it is on the recommendation of your health practitioner. Numerous studies have shown Tai Chi improves your focus and concentration, muscular strength, flexibility, fitness, balance and coordination. It also improves your immune system, provides pain relief and improves your quality of life.

Offering mindful relaxation and social connection, Tai Chi becomes a long term journey, travelling with people in your own community.

As beginners to Tai Chi, my husband and I are thrilled that we found Chi Generation. Our weekly classes led by Su are welcoming, friendly and inclusive of all levels. We look forward to our continued relationship with Chi Generation as we master the art of Tai Chi. Thank you Su for your patience and humour.

Bernie Freeman

In a world driven by convenience, distractions and speed, Su’s Tai Chi class will teach you to slow down, focus and consider the long game of self-mastery. BYO patience, humility and good humour.

Lisa Ford

Monday morning Tai Chi with Su is a great start to the week. It’s both a physical and mental workout with a skillful teacher and a friendly group of students.

Heather Rutter

This Tai Chi school is fantastic! Catering for all levels, Su gently encourages and guides you along as you discover all these beautiful arts have to offer. Fun to be had as well!

Mette Hoeyberg

I have been with Chi Generation for over six years now and love all the classes and workshops that are presented. Su is not only a lovely person, but an extremely professional and patient instructor. Su is very generous in sharing her knowledge not only Tai Chi but the philosophy and health benefits of the Chinese martial arts. We learn a variety of bare-hand forms, as well as sword, fu chen and Qigong. Love them all!

Karen Hughes

A fantastic and engaging school, teaching an ancient and astounding form of Tai Chi and Qigong. A real gem with a range of venues around the Dandenongs. The teacher is a true Master so join up to get fit, de-stress, become more flexible and make new friends.

Paul Godfrey

I always enjoy going to Su’s Tai Chi classes – each time I walk out feeling relaxed. Re-energised and having learnt more about the practice and philosophy of Tai Chi and Qigong. Su is really friendly and approachable, and she has studied these Tai Chi forms in depth, so her classes are fun while at the same time helping us to deepen our own practice, and to experience the wonderful benefits of Tai Chi.

Anja Tanhane