Wudang Whisk and Water Wheel Workshops


Whisk away the cobwebs…     Walk with mindful steps…

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Wudang Whisk: It’s been a while since we worked on the Fu Chen… I think there’d be a few students who could do with some revision… But, if you’ve not yet tried the Fu Chen, there’s room for you to come along and have a go, too. A beautiful exercise in the duality of Yin Yang – I’m sure you’ll love it. (Fu Chen will be available to borrow or buy)
Wudang Walking Drills: Moving meditation doesn’t need to be as complicated as a full Tai Chi routine. The Wudang Water Wheel drills offer you a different way to gather, move and settle your energy. Learning these drills will add a new dimension to your existing practices.
Hope you can make the date!

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