We want to eat lollies but not clean our teeth.


The human world is such a mean, dishonest and unjust place. I do not wonder why some people want to leave it, to not be a part of it.

I do wonder why most people can’t see this. Why do we continue to live in this destructive way?

Look at us, at this place… The human world is all about scrambling to the top; having the best, the most, and beyond our means; looking down on those with less, the less powerful, but looking up to greediest amongst us.

Where is the care and love for those less fortunate?

Where have the greedy and selfish taken us?

Who are we, humans, to destroy the planet so we can have ‘more’? Who are we: humans…?

We mirror this sad state of being, of deep injustice, cruelty and apathy, on every level. Sad, heartbreaking comparisons on far too many levels.

If we had reacted in a saner, kinder and more just way – on every level of relationship, where would we be now?

If only we saw one small act of injustice and fixed it before it grew, before it became accepted, proper and normal behaviour.

If we heard about it on the news then sent in the Kindness Crew who would clean it up, teach a better way before it spread out of control.

Harmony restored, knowledge saving us from       …this

And why now – after seeing all we see, knowing all we know – why can’t we change? Why is greed still honoured and respected, aspired to, held up and protected as the pinnacle of human endeavour?

How is it a pillar of religious piety? How is this a religious ambition? How has it not been called out?

How are we still living like this? How is it that we continue to be so greedy? How is it that we continue in ignorance? No – not ignorance – we do know better.

How is it that we continue to be so lazy when we know that this laziness is causing such great harm?

We want to eat lollies and not clean our teeth.




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