Wudang Water Wheel Workshops

The lovely Jenny Harrison, from Rising Moon Tai Chi, has organised these two workshops in Mornington on Sunday 15th May. Beginners are welcome. No experience necessary. BYO cushion and mat.

Make a day of it – grab a friend and book in. You could finish the day with a hot chocolate or fish and chips on the pier – perfect!

Moving meditation doesn’t need to be as complicated as a full Tai Chi routine. The Wudang Water Wheel drills offer you a different way to feel, gather, move and settle your energy. Your focus and concentration are absorbed by each step: feeling your weight transfer, slowing down to find your balance and correcting your coordination as you watch each movement. So you’ll need to walk a little more slowly; and you’ll need to move your focus away from your thoughts and into your body. As an added bonus, all these drills double-up as an entry into the foundations of Wudang Tai Chi.

You’ll need a cushion (meditation or other) and mat (yoga, throw rug or other) for the afternoon session or you may use a chair if you prefer. This is a Taoist meditation focusing on the internal flow of energy. It begins with seated Qigong: to open joints and muscles along the energy pathway in our bodies called the Small Water Wheel. Sounds fancy-schmancy but these movements are very practical for what we’re setting out to achieve.
After the Qigong set, we settle into the main meditation. We use beautiful Taoist imagery to “transport” ourselves out of the hall we’re sitting in and into the vast cosmos – truly connecting ourselves to nature and the universe. While our minds are free of everyday thoughts, we follow the Small Water Wheel around our body, through its valley passes and mountain ranges, crossing bridges and passing pagodas. In true Taoist style, the meditation encourages a light heart and an imaginative mind for an effective outcome.


May 15 2022


10:00 am - 3:30 pm