Whisk and Water Wheel Workshops

For some, this workshop will be an introduction to the Fu Chen (aka horsetail whisk). For others, it will be a matter of revisiting and revising. All are welcome.
The Fu Chen is an ancient tool that became a weapon; depicted, in many paintings, in the hands of the immortals. It was used originally to flick away flies and mossies but developed into much more.
Yin Yang is represented in the Fu Chen with its soft horse hair tail and its strong wooden handle, reminding us of the Yin Yang nature of life, of the duality of all things, the “two sides to the story”.
Fu Chen Feng is a weapon routine; (feng meaning wind). Using all the concepts of Tai Chi, the routine sweeps and dusts, defends us and reminds us of balance in all things. Come and have a play – so much safer than swords – well, maybe…! hahaha

Moving meditation doesn’t need to be as complicated as a full Tai Chi routine. The Wudang Water Wheel drills offer you a different way to feel, gather, move and settle your energy. Your focus and concentration are absorbed by each step: feeling your weight transfer, slowing down to find your balance and correcting your coordination as you watch each movement. So you’ll need to walk a little more slowly; and you’ll need to move your focus away from your thoughts and into your body. As an added bonus, all these drills double-up as an entry into the foundations of Wudang Tai Chi.


Jul 02 2022


10:00 am - 3:30 pm


Tecoma Uniting Church
1566 Burwood Hwy, Tecoma VIC 3160


Su Rule