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Chi Generation aims to provide the best tuition in the Wudang Taoist arts, covering the many facets of these practices and provided in a safe learning environment. Given the year we’ve just experienced and the restrictions we must now observe, Chi Generation classes have been re-scheduled to enable you to focus on the aspect of these arts that best suits you. Group classes are offered weekly in Taoist Meditation, Qigong, contemporary Wudang Tai Chi and, for the more experienced, the Wudang Tai Chi weapons. The one hour sessions are held indoors at halls in Tecoma and Belgrave and outdoors at the beautiful Birdsland Reserve (relocating to a hall, where possible, depending on the weather…) 

The most effective way to learn these arts is to attend classes regularly and to practice at home as often as you can. Classes are limited to twelve (12) students at indoor venues and outdoor classes are limited to twenty (20). In friendly groups of like-minded people, Chi Generation classes are paced for your own development. The concepts and movements can be challenging but are always fun and welcoming to all.

Check out the timetable and book your session through the online shop.

Private tuition is available. You may feel a little nervous when you’re first starting out so a one-on-one session will help break the ice and give you confidence to join in a weekly class. When you feel you’ve lost ground, need to catch up or work through a challenging time, give yourself a gift of a private session.

Online classes and training dvds are available all year round – a great way to learn when face-to-face class times don’t suit or to use as a back-up when you’ve missed sessions.

Regular practice of Tai Chi and Qigong will bring new energy to your life. Use what you learn in class to keep yourself fit and well outside of class. Tai Chi and Qigong are lifestyle practices and, one day, you’ll find yourself moving and thinking in a “Tai Chi way”.

Please call, email or text if you’d like to discuss your situation and work out the best program for you.

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