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Su Rule – Principal

Su began Tai Chi in the early 1980’s, studying with Doctor Li Wong, a traditional Chinese doctor teaching and prescribing Qigong and Tai Chi to his patients for prevention and recovery from illness.

In the 1990’s, Su began training with Master Charles Tsui-Po and gained national and international recognition after competing at numerous local, state and national competitions; and eventually as Australia’s female representative in two World Wushu Championships and five World Traditional Championships held in Asia. As part of her own development, and in parallel with competition training, Su gained a 1st Degree Black Sash, 3rd Duan Grading and began teaching for Master Charles in 2000.

In 2008, Su discovered the Wudang style while competing at the 3rd World Traditional Championships in Wudang, China. After studying and training on her own for 2 years, Su entered an international competition in Hong Kong and met Wudang Master Yun Xiang Tseng (Wudang Chen) who invited her to train in Wudang, China. Su is honoured to have been a student of Grand Master Zhong Yun Long and to be recognised as Wudang Australia.

On her return from training in Wudang in 2011, Su founded Chi Generation and began teaching this beautiful style of Tai Chi here in Australia. From small beginnings, Su now runs weekly classes, with regular workshops and annual retreats here in the hills and in the regional centres of Victoria, sharing her passion for Tai Chi and the Wudang style.

While training in Wudang, Su developed an interest in the Wudang Fu Chen (horsetail whisk). This weapon is steeped in history and is particular to the Taoists of Wudang Mountain. Carried by the ancient Immortals, the Fu Chen embodies Yin Yang theory and is a joyous weapon ‘to play’ when in the right hands. Su is currently the only Master in Australia to have studied the Fu Chen with the Wudang Masters and offers classes and workshops in this mystical weapon.


Incorporating Wudang Australia, Chi Generation teaches a mix of traditional and contemporary Tai Chi and Qigong forms (sets of exercises). Combining the tenets of Taoist philosophy with current teaching standards, you are offered relevant and relatable knowledge to practice and progress in learning these arts. Chi Generation is the only school in Australia offering training in this beautiful style of Tai Chi and Qigong. Written and developed for an Australian audience, you’ll be delighted by the progress you make and the difference you make to your health and wellbeing.


The Travelling Tai Chi Show offers group sessions at your venue. With programs to suit all sizes of corporate gatherings; school sessions for all ages (primary and up); retreats and special groups from every corner of the community. A Chi Generation session will settle the energy of each participant, offering clarity of mind and relief for restless bodies. You’ll find your people, little and big, more open and relaxed, holding a new perspective and bubbling with energy!

I would encourage everyone, no matter what age or background or situation you come from to learn Tai Chi; to experience the soulful joy, the mindful clarity, and the physical fitness that millions of Tai Chi and Qigong practitioners find while learning these arts.

Su Rule