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Chi Generation offers a new path on an old map – a path that is more open and clear, breathing new life into lost concepts. The promises of these arts have faded, over time, to a mythical ideology. So, with greater awareness of conscious living, we need now to restore the truths missing from these teachings.

Offering a precious gift in the ability to stop time while we gather and care for ourselves – mind, body and soul – giving energy to our bodies, giving our minds a break from personal & worldly worries, allowing ourselves some calm and quiet. These beautiful arts give us the chance to connect, physically and mentally, with all that is wonderful in this world and in this life. At the same time, challenging and stretching a rigid mind and body, the art for you is to be persistent, to become flexible, to focus and so feel the joy of arriving at the next stage of a lifelong practice. It is a path worth following, a lifestyle worth pursuing.

The forms (or sets of movements) taught at Chi Generation are traditional teachings handed down through the generations, combined with forms created by Su Rule, representing 30 years of passionate dedication. Through these forms, you will learn the physical pathways of movement, the concepts for the mind in practice, and feel the harmony of a contented soul on earth. The training we do in class creates an inner stillness in our practice. This stillness will carry through to our everyday life, giving us a calm centre to hold to while we manage all the storms and confusions of life.

Let’s restore our essence, help each other discover and connect to earth and universe, realise our place and the love that abounds here in this time for us all to be a part of.

Experience the soulful joy, the mindful clarity, and the physical fitness that millions of Tai Chi and Qigong practitioners find while learning these arts.

Su Rule (Principal Instructor)

Su first came across Tai Chi in the early 1980’s and studied with Doctor Li Wong, a traditional Chinese doctor who teaches and prescribes Qigong and Tai Chi to his patients for prevention and recovery from illness.

In the 1990’s, Su began training with Master Charles Tsui-Po and gained national and international recognition after competing at numerous local, state and national competitions and as Australia’s representative in two World Wushu Championships and five World Traditional Championships held in Asia. As part of her own training and development, Su began teaching for Golden Lion Academy in 2000.

In 2009, Su ‘found’ the Wudang style while competing at the 3rd World Traditional Championships in Wudang, China. At this time, very few people had heard of the style, outside of China. After studying and training on her own for 2 years, Su decided to enter a competition in Hong Kong, performing the Contemporary Wudang 28, as well as a Fu Chen and a Sword routine. It was here she met Wudang Master Yun Xiang Tseng (Wudang Chen) who encouraged her to train in Wudang, China. Su is honoured to have been a student of Grand Master Zhong Yun Long and to now be recognised as Wudang San Feng Australia.

On her return from training in Wudang in 2011, Su founded Chi Generation and set up classes to teach this beautiful style of Tai Chi. From small beginnings, Su now runs a full timetable of weekly classes, regular workshops and annual retreats, both here in the hills and travelling to regional centres to share her knowledge and passion for the Wudang style.

“My journey to find the core of these arts is not complete, and I doubt it ever will be – but after years of study, training, travelling and teaching, I have found my place here in translating the Taoist ideas and practices into movements, forms and concepts more easily understood by a western mind.”

Su Rule