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Tai Chi and Qigong
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Chi Generation is a well-being service teaching Tai Chi and Qigong in small mixed classes at several venues in the Dandenong Ranges: Upwey, Belgrave, Tecoma, Monbulk and Chirnside. Online classes are offered via and instructional dvds are also available to order.

Principal Instructor Su Rule has practised Tai Chi and Qigong for several decades, and specialises in the Wudang style – a style with gentle, flowing movement, deep connection to mind and breath, and developing your meditation practice from the outset.

Tai Chi

Join a Tai Chi class for meditative exercise. Improve strength, fitness and focus with slow, deliberate movement, cultivating your internal energy (qi or chi).


Aligning your breath with gentle movement, focus on restoring energy, inner stillness and a calm outlook. Learn how to practice this ancient art in a weekly Qigong class.

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